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Lost in Space Toy RobotIf you grew up in the 1960s, you were probably hooked to the hit television series Lost in Space at some point.  The adventures of the Robinsons, a family living inside Jupiter II and hoping to colonize Alpha Centauri, could not be missed.  The Robinson family ended up being lost in space and their adventures continued.  Lost in Space became so popular thanks to young viewers that toy companies began producing toys based on characters of the show in the mid-sixties.

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The major players behind producing Lost in Space toys have been Remco and Mattel and the toys are now highly sought after collectibles.  These toys have tremendous value and are vintage classics.  While there are extremely high-priced treasures based on the show, there are some more affordable ones that are worth adding to any toy collection.

One of the most popular and valued pieces from the Lost in Space toy collection is the Robot.  The Lost in Space Robot stands at 12 inches tall and can be found in either red or blue.  The robot was a major part of the Robinson family’s adventures as they set out to colonize Alpha Centauri.  The robot was at one point reprogrammed by the evil Dr. Zachary Smith and it ends up destroying the ship.

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While there are many replicas of the Lost in Space Robot produced today, it is possible to find some authentic pieces.  The robot toy is battery operated and walks around blinking and moving his arms around.  Although it wasn’t the most advanced toy, the Lost in Space Robot was and continues to be a cherished collectible.

Other Lost in Space toys include the Roto Jet Gun, the Switch and Go Set, and even a 3D Fun Set, which is a board game.  Major Lost in Space fans also found the Aurora, king of the monster figurines, and Lost in Space action figures to be quite charming as well.Lost in Space Soundtrack

It’s quite clear that children back then were not as spoiled as they are today.  There hasn’t been a large variety of Lost in Space toys, which makes the existing ones all the more special and authentic.  There were several toy companies that had obtained licenses to produce Lost in Space toys.

Lost in Space toys are not only cherished for their mass-produced simplicity, but also their reminder of the simple life we were familiar with nearly fifty years ago.  These toys take us back in time when we couldn’t wait to watch the next Lost in Space episode or find a Lost in Space Robot under the Christmas tree.