Ideal’s Thumbelina Doll

Vintage Thumbelina dolls for sale

The Thumbelina doll is one of the most popular dolls produced in the 1960s.  She is adorable and lovable for little girls and doll collectors all over the world.  The company who made the original Thumbelina Dolls is the one and only Ideal Toy Corporation.

These dolls were first created during the 1960s and production continued till the 1970s.  There are two original versions of the doll, the 20-inch regular Thumbelina and the 14-inch Tiny Thumbelina.  These early dolls also featured a knob on their back that would cause them to wriggle and move in place when wound up.  These movements were designed to mimic real babies.  Later on, Thumbelina dolls featured criers and pull-strings for other actions.

Thumbelina dolls have soft cloth bodies with vinyl body parts including arms, legs and the head.  Their eyes are painted and their cheeks are rosy red.  Their hands and feet are quite realistic along with their wigged hair.  These babies are made to look like real babies and act like them too.  Thumbelina dolls are one of the first dolls to resemble realistic babies through their winding knobs and pull-string features. Thumbelina dolls come with various outfits that could be changed.

Doll collectors love having Ideal’s Thumbelina dolls in their collections.  They represent the decades that were infamous for doll production and the simplicity of life.  Dolls created today do not carry the essence of what it is to make a simple, realistic looking doll.  That is why collecting vintage ones is more fulfilling as they symbolize the days when toy making was evolving.

Having a Thumbelina doll takes you back when you anxiously waited for your Christmas present, hoping it was a Thumbelina.  If you had a Thumbelina doll when you were a child, you can still find vintage and rare ones to add to your collection.  Thumbelina dolls have exquisite details, fine craftsmanship and real quality when it comes to doll making.