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Vintage Remco Toys For SaleRemco is one of those names that takes you back in time, back to your childhood.  Remco Industries Inc was the ultimate toy production company during the 1940s and all the way through the early 70s.  The types of toys they produced were endless.

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Christmas had a whole new meaning during this time thanks to the impact of Remco.  If you grew up during the 40s, 50s or 60s, you probably had at least one Remco toy.  If not, it is never too late to start a collection of what you missed out on as a child.

Remco was founded by Ike Heller and Saul Robbins and brought kids the Barracuda Atomic Sub along with many other mass produced items.  The name itself is the combination of “remote” and “control” put together.One reason why Remco became so popular was the way the company marketed itself.  Remco, like many other toy companies at the time, used television to market their toys.  The toys themselves were largely associated with popular television shows.

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The Remco Fighting Lady is by far one of the most popular toys produced by the company.  It came with the slogan “Every boy wants a Remco toy…and so do girls.”  While Remco made toys mostly for boys, there were some that were targeted towards girls.  When a child saw a Remco commercial on TV, they were immediately impacted by the powerful messages and visuals of the time.

The Remco Movieland Drive-In Theater was a major hit once it came out in the late 1950s.  This battery-powered toy set included the drive in theater along with miniature cars.  The drive-in platform has designated car spots.  The toy featured a film strip that would play a movie when the battery-operated light bulb would turn on to project light on to the screen.  Some famous movies played include Mighty Mouse, Farmer Al Falfa and Have Gun Will Travel.

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In 1955, Remco also introduced its Big Max, which was a magnetic robot that would take iron slugs off a conveyor belt and put them in other slots.  Other popular toy sets include the Giant Wheel Cowboy’s Indians Game, Coney Island Penny Machine and the Little Red Spinning Wheel.

Remco produced all sorts of toys from dolls, submarines, spinning wheels, walkie talkies and other pop culture-related toys.  Today, these and other Remco toys are collectible items that could be added to any collection and take you back to your childhood.