Classic Tammy Doll

Vintage Tammy Doll CollectingMost big girls today who were little girls in the sixties and seventies have very fond memories of accessorizing their very own Tammy fashion doll. Tammy Doll, cleverly marketed using the en vogue product slogan "The Doll You Love to Dress" was able to be fitted with a very extensive wardrobe, along with many other female accessories sold separately with the doll.

Tammy also had an entire family of dolls that could be purchased including: Tammy's Mom and Dad, Tammy's sister Pepper, and also her little brothers Ted and Pete. Finally, Tammy Doll had several other friends and related acquaintances that could be sourced and purchased – including her special boyfriend. In terms of the dimensions of dolls within the Tammy Doll line, Tammy Doll and her boyfriend were 12 inches tall, her parents were both 12 1/2 inches tall and her siblings were only 9 inches tall.

Tammy Doll's courtship toward the altar of the American toy marketplace is yet another grand testimony of lucrative it can be to leverage trends in popular culture. The Ideal Toy Company of New York designed and manufactured Tammy Doll in a strategic marketing attempt to capitalize on the explosive success of the famed Barbie Doll. It is said that Tammy was actually based on the character "Tammy" in the 1957 movie Tammy and the Bachelor. However, unlike the more "maturely" shaped Barbie Doll, Tammy Doll had a very special appeal with many mothers of the day because her girlie curves were modeled more on that of a teenager. Tammy began being manufactured by Ideal Toys in 1962 and her production life spanned until early 1966. Interestingly no modern companies have ever manufactured any more Tammy Dolls.

Collector's Guide to Tammy: The Ideal Teen: Identification & Values

The very first version of the Tammy Doll to hit store shelves in 1962 was manufactured with straight legs. However, the second version in 1964 had special bendable legs, which the last version of the doll released in 1965 was a more mature Tammy Doll which producers called "Grow Up Tammy." In another strategic marketing maneuver, The Ideal Toy Company also made the decision to release "Grown Up Tammy" in a ground-breaking African American version. In addition to Tammy Dolls corresponding family and boyfriend dolls, other dolls able to purchased in this series included her friends Dodi, Misty, and Salty, along with Montgomery Ward's limited edition Tammy Doll collectors by the name of Patty and Bud.

Today, Tammy Doll's sweet smile and innocent girlish appeal still makes her an enduring favorite with many, many collectors today. Two separate conventions have been held in the United States for Tammy Doll connoisseurs of all ages and she continues to be in very high demand on various online auction sites around the Internet. More recently, the online prices for Tammy Dolls and her corresponding accessories have skyrocketed due to the doll retaining a sizable fan-base with Japanese collectors. While all of the Tammy Dolls sell well in Japan, the brunette dolls and the African American series continue to be in exceptionally high demand and can even sell for hundreds and hundreds of dollars.