Classic Kenner Toys

Kenner Give a Show ProjectorsAlthough Kenner is not a common name to hear in the world of toys and toymakers, the company is one of the leading toymakers in the world.  The toy company was founded by Albert, Phillip and Joseph L. Steiner, three brothers dedicated to producing toys.  The name “Kenner” was inspired by a street in Cincinnati, Ohio, where the first office was opened.

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Not many people are familiar with the toys produced by Kenner.  Some of the most popular toys were, in fact, introduced to the world in the late 1950s and 60s.

In 1947, the Steiner brothers decided to start a toy-making company and began producing some of the hottest toys in the market. These included the ever-so-popular Girder and Panel Building Sets toy, the Easy-Bake Oven, and even Play-Doh.  Kenner became popular in the late 20th century after using television for advertising.

Girder and Panel Building Sets

In 1957, Kenner produced the Girder and Panel Building Sets which was based on construction.  The toys included construction kits where children and adults can build plastic models of buildings, bridges and other structures.  As a toy, the Girder and Panel Building Sets inspired creativity.  The toy was sophisticated enough to take after modern construction styles and techniques.

Building and involving your hands in a toy is something that many people enjoy.  As soon as Albert Steiner, president of Kenner, saw the construction of a building taking place, he was inspired to create a toy based on construction.

Easy Bake Oven

Light Bulb Baking: A History of the Easy-Bake Oven

The way to get to many peoples’ hearts is through their stomach.  During the 1960s, television advertised the wonders of the kitchen through products.  The Easy Bake Oven was the answer to every child’s dream of baking.  This toy is an actual working oven that was originated by Kenner and later manufactured by Hasbro.  The oven initially used an incandescent light bulb for heating, but it became more sophisticated over time.  The Easy Bake Oven comes with pastry mixes and baking pans.  All it takes is adding water and the oven bakes the cake just like a conventional oven.


Kids love getting their hands into things.  Play-Doh, an invention of the 1950s, was the ultimate arts and crafts putty-like modeling compound for kids.  Thanks to the safe ingredients used in Play-Doh, children can mold shapes and get creative safely.  Play-Doh was featured on television through ads and gained in great popularity.  Play-Doh comes in all sorts of colors, is non-toxic and pliable for being creative and imaginative.