Vintage Antique Dolls

Renwal Miniatures Tiny Toys with Huge Appeal

Little girls have always loved doll houses and the little miniature household items that come along with them. If you were a child in the 40’s or 50’s there’s a good chance your dollhouse was created by Renwal. It seems to be that most collectors today are of the baby boomer generation which shows that […]

American Character Doll Company

Doll making is a long standing tradition that takes place all over the world.  The appeal and joy of playing with dolls as a little girl and collecting them is phenomenal.  The doll industry would not be what it is today without the success and impact of the first doll making companies. American Character Dolls, […]

Chatty Cathy Dolls

Children who played with dolls deep down wanted their dolls to come to life and speak.  Mattel made that possible by introducing Chatty Cathy in the 1960s.  Chatty Cathy was the revolutionary talking doll that inspired many others after her. By pulling a string, any young girl could make Chatty Cathy speak.  Her little snippets […]

Alexander Doll Company

If you thought the debut of Barbie was a groundbreaking moment in the history of toy production, you probably are not as enlightened as you may think.  While Barbie was and continues to be a major hit in the toy industry, the Alexander Doll Co. is another revolutionary doll making company to add to the […]

Ideal’s Thumbelina Doll

The Thumbelina doll is one of the most popular dolls produced in the 1960s.  She is adorable and lovable for little girls and doll collectors all over the world.  The company who made the original Thumbelina Dolls is the one and only Ideal Toy Corporation. These dolls were first created during the 1960s and production […]

The Love of Kestner Dolls

The late 19th Century is known for the increase in doll-making production.  Toy companies and small family owned businesses across the world in Europe and in the United States began making dolls for young girls.  Kestner was one of these well-known companies that specialized in children’s dolls. Blue Book Dolls and Values Early on, Kestner […]

Tressy Tressy Let Down Your Hair

The original Tressy Doll was created in the 1960s by the American Character Doll Co, and gained popularity with children by having an incredibly unique, novel feature: hair that actually grows. Tressy was the first of its kind to offer adjustable hair. The secret was a button and wind up key that would lengthen or […]

Ideal’s Long locked Crissy Doll

The “grow hair” doll concept was not a new one when Ideal released its first Crissy doll. However, it was a completely re-engineered, attractive doll that would become more popular than any of its predecessors. The Ideal doll had a very similar mechanism to the American Character Doll Company’s Tressy doll, with a knob that […]

Blythe: A Doll is Reborn

What’s amazing about Kenner Blythe dolls is they have only become popular with collectors in the last few years. The original Blythe dolls were created in 1972 by the Kenner Company, but because of their unpopularity at the time they were only produced for one year. Set on a trail to complete obscurity, the brand […]

Cherished Jumeau Dolls

Jumeau Dollshave won the hearts of many young girls and doll collectors.  They have expressive faces with unique detailing and are dressed in the finest outfits.  They carry the essence of French doll-making and continue to be high in demand.  Originally made in the 1840s by Pierre Francoise Jumeau, these dolls evolved from papier mache […]