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Auburn Rubber Toy Car Truck Tractor Motorcycle

Auburn Rubber Toy Vehicles

The Auburn Rubber Toy Company started its life in 1913 as the Double Fabric Tire Corp. In the 1920s, after the stock market crash, the company was losing sales … [Read More...]

Vintage Dolls


Vintage Steel Structo

Structo Over 60 Years of Toy Making

Structo has been producing pressed steel toys for over sixty years in the United States and stands strong behind the slogan “Making Men of Boys” quite proudly.  The steel toy company has been one of … [Read More...]

Vintage Milton Bradley Games for Sale

Milton Bradley Board Games

Board games are one of the simple pleasures of life that seem to be taken for granted.  You can play a single favorite board game and never get tired of it.  Why? Because board games are exciting, … [Read More...]

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